Welcome to
Kasia's Kitchen


My name is Kasia and I am a loving wife and proud mother of three wonderful children, who inspire me everyday. Ever since I was a kid myself I already loved cooking and had a lot of passion for it. I remember my family home kitchen and the hours spent with my mother and grandmother, teaching me traditional cooking, basic skills of preparing amazing dinners and a lot of secrets how to make my own delicious, healthy, nutritious meals.

That is why some of the dishes are passed down from my family but some are also my own creations and fusions, which often times I discovered while traveling to different countries. All of my dishes I adapted to the modern taste, requirement and personal preferences of my customers.

Nowadays not everyone wants or is able to spend more than two hours in the kitchen, preparing daily dinners for the whole family. Which is why I decided to help and share my own time and passion for cooking with other hard working moms and dads and to give them opportunity to relax with the family while I take care of their delicious meals.